At Metal Image you’ll get what it says on the tin –
Durable Images Delivered with Passion and Precision.
It’s what we do, and how we do it.

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Stainless Steel

When the application environment gets really tough, and a long lifespan is crucial Stainless Steel is the permanent solution. Our imaged Stainless products are 316 2B grade a for superior corrosion, chemical and UV resistance.

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Anodised Aluminium

Images sealed below a hardened anodic layer. Withstands abrasion, most chemicals, high heat and UV. Exceptionally durable, widely specified, always readable. Full colour or black and grey tones.

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Asset Labels & Tags

High resolution barcoded or sequential labels and tags printed on anodised aluminium or 316 stainless steel. Cost effective barcode labels and ID tags offering performance you can count on even in the harshest environments.

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Flora & Fauna ID

Incredible print clarity and exceptional durability combine to create our Bush Bird & Bug range of products. Identify, inform or educate from our extensive catalogue or create your own.

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Heritage Signs

A picture tells a thousand words, and there’s nothing quite like MetalPhoto to do the job. Make sure the past is not forgotten by adding the stories, maps and drawings that bring history to life.

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Branding Labels

Corporate Gifts, Business Cards, Commemorative Items, The Perfect Combination of Vivid Colour, High Resolution and Superior Quality.

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Marina Labels

Proud suppliers to the NZ Marine industry for over forty years. Our MetalPhoto anodised aluminium endures long-term exposure to full sign, high temperatures, abrasion, chemicals and salt spray.

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Direct Laser Marking

Precisely marked pre-printed plates and tags. Permanent way to mark tools and assets.

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Local Bodies

Utility ID, cemetery plot markers, dog registration tags. Trusted and reliable permanent labelling solutions for your community since 1974.

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Adhesives & Fixings

Premium adhesive range for all surfaces. From wire loops, rivets to split rings and surface cleaners – all you need to make the most of your label choice is right here.

What Are You Labeling?

Since 1974 we’ve been dedicated to building our reputation for trusted permanent identification solutions created from Stainless Steel, Anodised Aluminium and Direct Laser Marking.

From this well proven family of imaging processes, we create everything from foil thin barcoded asset labels and tags, heavy duty rating plates, to tamper proof certification stickers or even illustrated botanic labels and historic plaques including photographs. All tailored to be reliable when long term exposure to severe conditions is critical.

Browse our products or follow the product selection guide below and give us a call or an email to discuss your project and how we can help. With a focus on building legacy customers, not sales, our Team gets the job done on time all the time.

Which Product Is Right For You?

Select the product that's right for you

What environment or conditions must our product endure, and for how long?

  • Caustic washdown
  • High impacts and abrasion
  • Harsh, prolonged chemicals
  • Intense, extended heat
  • +50 year UV
  • Limited colour options
  • Low to zero flexibility

You need Stainless Steel

  • Non-caustic chemicals
  • Abrasion and impacts
  • High to moderate heat
  • Dirty, greasy, wet, coastal
  • +25 year UV
  • Full range of colours
  • Super flexible foil up to rigid

You need Anodised Aluminium

  • Some chemicals
  • Mild abrasion
  • Low heat
  • +5 year UV

You need Vinyl or Polyester

Stainless Steel

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Extreme Environments

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Almost indestructible.
Withstands abrasion,
washdown chemicals, intense heat
and immeasurable UV.


Heavy Industrial.
Contact food production,
medical, marine, mining,
chemical manufacture.


Asset labels & tags.
Nameplates, rating plates,
control panels. Barcode tags,
valve & hose tags, labels.


Etched or annealed image.

SS Etched
$ $ $
SS Annealed
$ $

Anodised Aluminium

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Harsh Environments

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Great value durability.
Anodic layer protection.
Withstands abrasion, most chemicals, high
heat and long UV


General Manufacture.
Transport, marine, aviation,
agriculture, branding & POS,
GS1 military, botanic ID.


Rating, ID and name plates
& tags, serial plates, brand labels,
asset tags, valve & hose tags, control
panels, business cards, barcode labels.


Full colour or black + greytone image.

Anodised Aluminium

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