Equipment and Technology

Sub-Surface Imaging Technology – MetalPhoto

Metal photos durability comes from its image which is sealed inside the pores of the anodised aluminium. Its unique process exposes the aluminium using laser diodes, creating ultra-high resolution graphics and variable information.

Sub-Surface Printing Technology – AliChroma

Digital aluminium printing is becoming increasingly popular. Colour images can be printed into aluminium from a computer using a highly modified digital flatbed printer and our open pore anodised aluminium. In combination with specialised inks, and a vacuum heated bed, our tried and tested AliChroma printer was developed to achieve colour images sealed into the pores of the aluminium.

Original Heidelberg Press

Designed and built by German craftsmen, the Heidelberg press features heavy-duty construction with massive base and platen of specially cast alloy and shaft of stell, toggle lever drive with impression control, push-and-pull mechanism, ideal for feeding foil thin aluminium, perfect register at all speed variations, cylinder inking system and rollers running in precision ball bearings.

Engragving & Routing Systems

Our Engravers & CNC Router machine is capable of marking a variety of metals and materials. With the ability to adjust depth, speed and other key factors we can perfect and reproduce a clean, clear marking that won’t be easily removed.

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