Direct Laser Marking

Directly mark metal components, pre-printed plates and tags. Mark large, curved or unusual shapes.

We can directly mark almost any metal type or shape in one of two ways:

Laser Annealed – High resolution images in black and contrast white. UV resistance measured in decades, extreme chemical, abrasion and heat resistance. The surface of the metal is intensely heated by fibre laser which produces a carbon black image, or at low power a contrast white image.
Laser Etched – High resolution images in black and contrast white. Annealed, but with a lot more welly. Almost indestructible, resists extreme heat and impact damage. Impervious to all but a few chemicals. The metal surface is vaporised and carbonised leaving an etched black image or a contrast white image.

Why Direct Laser Mark?

  • Perfect for clear and precise tamper proof marking of pre-printed anodised aluminium blanks.
  • Delivered pronto – email us your spreadsheet as you need them, we can often fry then freight inside 24 hours.
  • Stress free – we’ll let you know when the blanks get low. Never run out of plates again. Imagine that.
  • Economical – order pre-printed plates in sheet lots in advance for great pricing.
  • Wide range of blank Anodised Aluminium & Stainless Steel tags in standard shapes colours and sizes.
  • Not just flat plates – permanent marking on a huge range of material types, shapes and sizes.
  • Eliminates adhesives, the most common point to fail in long term identification.
  • A hard-wearing, professional looking finish to any project.

Where NOT to use Direct Laser Marking

  • On soft plastics.
  • On items larger than 300mm in height.
  • Where internal components may be damaged by heat.

The Good News – Not for you? Sounds like an Anodised Aluminium or Stainless Steel label is just what you are looking for.