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Marina Labels

Proud suppliers to the NZ Marine industry for over forty years. MetalPhoto endures long-term exposure to full sign, high temperatures and salt spray.

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Marina Labels

Exceptionally durable, widely specified, always readable. The images are embedded deep into the aluminium pores before being sealed below a super hard anodic layer. The high resolution image is printable in black plus greytones.

AnodisedAluminium V2 - Marina Labels

Our marina labels use our MetalPhoto process to create high resolution images by embedding a photographic silver-halide below the anodic layer of the aluminium. Driven by the need for permanent Individually Unique ID (IUID’s), MetalPhoto was first specified by the United States Navy over 60 years ago, so is well proven in marine/military applications. The impressive performance of Metalphoto is due to its unique combination of resistance to saltwater corrosion, UV degradation, abrasion, most chemicals and all  fuels.

Berth / Pile ID Labels

  • Available in 13 standard sizes or custom made to suit your project.
  • Each Individually Unique ID (IUID) label is created directly from your supplied spreadsheet.
  • Printed on robust 0.80mm anodised aluminium with holes punched ready for fixing to timber*.
  • We can include your logo or even a QR code along with the IUID. Print is black and grey only.

*When new, tanalised timber is corrosive to aluminium so additional protection is required to prevent damage to the label. Learn more.

Power Module Labels

  • Foil thin adhesive backing for permanent fuss-free fixing directly to your power modules.
  • Print is black/grey with one background colour available if required.