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From rivets to split rings and surface cleaners – all you need to make the most of your label choice is right here.

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Optimum Adhesives for Metal

Your metal labels have got to stick. Metal Image have over 40 years of experience with adhesives and adhesive application systems.

Adhesive Experience and Expertise

Over the years we have tested a range of self adhesives specifically for metal plate and foil. We’ve selected a range of high performance products to suit common applications and have many more available on request.

Whatever your application, give us a call if you need an adhesive that will go the distance – we’ll help you find the adhesive solution that’ll stick and provide samples to prove it.

What adhesive will best suit my application?

We have most common eventualities covered with our range of:

  • 3M 468: Premium general purpose.
  • 3M 467: General purpose.
  • 1328 LSE:  Premium Low Surface Energy.
  • UHB 1905: Ultra High Bond, Foam Acrylic tape.
  • Sealed Cell: For rough surfaces.

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High Performance Adhesives

There is no test like your test. We recommend a sample label is applied to a prepared surface carefully following the instructions.
Contact the team at Metal Image next time you’re stuck for choices, we’re here to help.