Offcuts – Newsletter 2018

Greetings from the Team!

We hope you will find a couple of interesting things in this, our first Offcuts in some time. In fact 10 years has slipped by since our last issue! How did that happen? I am pleased to say we have almost all the same crew on board, with milestones for Dan and Donna (17years), Karen, 15 and Nicole, 10. Our not-so-newcomer Jordy with just 8 has recently been joined by Paul. Evidently this place is a little like the Hotel California.
A lot has changed in that time of course with over 40 years in business, new premises, new technologies and as always we enjoy the ongoing challenges of looking for ways to improve every aspect of what we do. More on that follows.
So a warm welcome to our newer customers, I sincerely hope you will stick around for another of these gripping editions, and thank you all for your support which for some has continued for over four decades. “You can check in any time you like, but you can never leave.”

Andrew Robbie, Managing Director.  30 years

Whatsnew - Offcuts - Newsletter 2018



Die Cutting Services

Maybe not so new, but our circa 1962 Heidelburg platen is new to us and we have used it to great effect in exploring the possibilities of die-cutting our thin gauge MetalPhoto. With a range of standard sizes die-cutting is proving to be invaluable to a growing number of our customers. The labels are easy to handle and apply, very cost effective and well worth considering as an alternative to heavier gauge labels especially in asset tracking applications.

Bigger is Better

Our recently installed CtP image processor is the first installed outside the USA and just the sixth worldwide. We are now able to image double sized MetalPhoto sheets up to 1000 x 600mm. We are delighted with the improvement in print quality. On the ground this means better pricing on larger quantities and a sharper, deeper, more durable print.

Laser Cutting Services

We are pleased to announce the imminent arrival of our Meta 5c-4 laser cutting system. This latest J5 generation CO2 laser from industry leader Coherent has plenty of grunt to cut and mark a huge range of materials up to 1200x1200mm including mild and stainless steel, acrylics, timber and of course anodised aluminium. We are looking forward to deploying the laser in our existing aluminium cutting so you will see improvement in the quality and accuracy of cutting with no stress damage. More exciting still; versatile cutting services on a range of materials and seeing where these new opportunities take us. We are sure it will be quite a ride. Watch out for changes from April 2018!

Thermal Transfer Print

In response to the growing requirements for asset tracking in so many aspects of business we would like to introduce a new line of AssetPrint products and services. Our new Zebra printer offers a high quality alternative to our traditional anodised aluminium and fibre laser imaged products at significantly lower cost. Quality is not compromised with only premium resins and substrates used to create a range of fit for purpose barcoded and/or sequential labels and tags in polyester and paper.

AssetPrint labels

AssetPrint labels and tags cover every application. Anodised aluminium or stainless steel for extreme demand – resistant to chemicals, washdown, abrasion and UV for over 25 years, or polyester and paper solutions for lower demand use.

  • Foil thin and flexible aluminium options with high performance adhesive for tamper-proofing.
  • Semi rigid labels or tags with holes punched for secure attachment by rivet, screw or adhesive.
  • Turn thin gauge labels into a tag or plate for riveting with a sturdy 1.6mm punched and slotted base plate.
  • Variable content such as text or sequential numbering in one, two or three line formats.
  • Simple set-up. All we need is your data in a spreadsheet in the exact order you want it printed.
  • Add-ons and extras – Wrap tags, U-Drive screws, split-rings, wire and crimping tools.