Covid-19 Level 3 Business Operations

Welcome, Dear Metal Image Customer, to our first 2020 newsletter.

I hope your journey to the Farside is going well…

It’s been a great time to step back and take a deep breath. I’ve been reading a lot, my favourite being Bill Bryson’s ‘A short History of Nearly Everything’. Reading this amazing book made me realise that an astounding number of incredible miracles have taken place to allow us to be here now, and that the humble virus is actually something that has made humanity what we are. We’re all very, very lucky to be here at all. And that reminded me of a cartoon I saw many years ago which I’ve recreated (roughly) in honour of being alive at all.

Cartoon - Covid-19 Level 3 Business Operations













We’re back in business as an Essential Service. We understand the rules and are willingly applying them so that’s enough on that. We are now able to process all incoming orders immediately. We’ve had a surge of orders in the last few days – a special thank you to our fantastic customers for your support

Thanks also for those of you that participated in our recent survey. We took away some great feedback and have turned them into actions. We’ve changed direction with the prize and given the circumstances we hope this will be better appreciated. The lucky winner will have the equivalent value deducted from their next order.

So, drumroll please, and congratulations to James Furlong at FMI Christchurch.

A few things we hope will help…

Three and Five Sheet Specials
Obviously, demand is going to be dipping for us all, but we can help a little here by offering to run re-orders at higher volume rates. So if you’d usually order 5 sheets we can print just three at 5 sheet rates, and 5 at 10 sheet rates. Limited to L3 plus three months so don’t get too used to it. Sorry.

Holding Prices
We were very well stocked ahead of time (and we’re VERY well stocked now!) so we’ll be holding our pricing for all re-orders until further notice.

No surcharges will apply for Priority 5 day service. A lack of planning by any other party does not constitute an emergency on ours, so charges for our Urgent Services (2-3 days) will still be in effect.

Faster quotes 
We are going to do all we can to get ALL quotes turned around inside 24 hours, not just most of them.

Faster Turnaround
We’ve chopped ‘The Bus’ down a gear and floored it. Our standard delivery has been permanently reduced from 12-15 working days to just 10 working days.

Handy Andy’s Useful Tip #3
– Wash your hands.

If you’re running short on inspiration for the 20 second wash song, Spotify have compiled a playlist which sure to inspire!

Washyourhands - Covid-19 Level 3 Business Operations