Newsletter 2020 – End of Year Orders

Greetings Dear Customer, and here we are almost at the end of the year already. Like most of us I’m pretty keen to get this strange and difficult one behind us! Looking back I can see what an amazing effort has gone in from all our dedicated little crew – I believe they are indeed the largest small team in the world, and are just awesome.

Wishing you all a fantastic holiday season – our team of millions have earned it, and let’s hope better fortune shines on us all in 2021.

Andrew Robbie

Managing Director

End of Year Orders

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Shutting up the shop for the holidays is looming large. Dates for order close-offs are below so this is a great time to check your supplies. We’ve got free courier delivery for December as a small Thank You for your support through the year, but just quietly we’re also hoping to encourage a nice flush of orders.

Shutdown: Tues 22nd December 2020
Re-Opening: Wed 13th January 2021

Please have your orders for delivery this year with us
before Friday 11th December.

We can process your incoming orders for delivery this year
up until Friday 18th,  but an URGENT surcharge for this 2-3 day service will apply so please check your supplies NOW so you don’t get caught short.

Waiheke Island Resort Weekend Treat

To celebrate a fantastic (though somewhat surprising) result for July, and to banish the less than good times to the past the MI Team and Partners all set off to Waiheke Island for a weekend of sunshine, good food and wine. All very carefully of course. There was some time to relax, and a game of Murder (aka Chaos) provided plenty of laughs, a marriage proposal, then a dead fiancé all within moments. Congratulations to Laura and to our Laser-Meister Paul.
Click here to see what we got up to.

Stepping back in time – TimeSigns production gets back to the roots.

With the Birkenhead Heritage Trail project as test subject we recently stepped back 25 years to pre-mechanical image processing with an experimental return to hand developing MetalPhoto black and white photographs for our TimeSigns heritage range of signs and displays. The trail has 15 sites around the village each with it’s own photograph and story, and a seemingly endless supply of interested locals happy to critique our work.

Many of these very old photographs are from glass-plate originals and have the most beautiful tonal range with incredible clarity and depth. We found that mechanical processes were not subtle enough for this delicate work, so it’s back to good old hands-on photographic baths and results measured with the eye of experience rather than a timer.

It’s exciting to watch the images, the figures and faces from the past almost magically emerge from blank metal until not too light and not too dark, then plucked at just the right instant into the fixer to stop the development.

We are working with a diverse range of community groups on these projects, so different from our usual workload that it is really quite refreshing. We love the rich history we’re capturing, the image quality, and enjoy feeling that we are playing our part in recording our heritage in timeless aluminium.

Warm Fuzzies

For this edition we’ve got some over-delivery on expectations, a lesson delivered on high performance adhesive (it isn’t always what it says on the tin) and the reappearance of an old customer. We really value the comments we get, good or bad. Either way there is always something to learn, and fortunately it’s mostly good. Thanks!

Kae – Thanks for the field trip, a grand day out, a couple of ‘moments’ then an awesome result.

Harley – These things are a challenge, thanks for your kind feedback.

Mohamed – A pleasure to exceed your expectations. It’s just the way we roll.

Konrad – Welcome back! Lucky we kept the blue mat for you.

Lois – Pleased a quick turn around helped save the day.