Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

We started our first new generation newsletter with a tip of the hat to how tedious these things can be. That seemed to go down well, so once again mercifully short, maybe interesting and with any luck at least slightly useful…

Some things you just don’t need, and especially during the holiday season. One of them is more stress. We’re here to help with a prompt to get your pre-Christmas orders in (that’s de-stressing, you’re welcome). If you are interested in marking your pre-printed plates, we have a great offer on a used rotary engraving system. Take control, make your product look super professional and enjoy the versatility of this great machine.

With summer fast approaching we’ve chosen a very NZ Summer type prize for one lucky participant in our forth coming Customer Satisfaction Survey. Keep an eye out for our survey in your inbox soon, we’re looking forward to your feedback.

I know I’ve got the team here behind me in thanking you all for your continued business, and a particularly big thank you and welcome to our new customers. It’s always amazing where our products end up, and great to have so many diverse, motivated and clever folks joining us.

Merry Christmas, be safe.

Andrew Robbie

Managing Director

New and improved Digital Printer

We’re totally chuffed with our latest digital print upgrade. Dubbed the ‘D2’, our new Roland based printer has much higher resolution, so the scope of what we can print has gone through the roof. Some of you will have noticed the changes already with no key-lines required to keep colours from touching. And there’s a lot more ink going down which all adds up to sharper and stronger images. Boom, just like that…better for longer.


Handy Andy’s Useful Tip #2
– Adhesive application.

  1. Assume all surfaces are dirty. Wipe in one direction with a paper towel moistened with meths. Wipe dry in the same direction with a second towel before the meths can evaporate.
  2. To quickly peel the liner jab a sharp cutter about 1mm away from a corner (A), peel the liner back to expose ¾ of the sticky stuff (B), position the label with the liner folded back, then press the exposed end onto the surface once she’s all lined up. Gently pull the remainder of the liner free (C).
  3. Press or roll the label firmly. Being a pressure sensitive tape giving it a really good squish is crucial, it sets off the curing process. Don’t apply adhesives at less than 10oC, apply some heat to improve the initial tack or to speed up the cure.