Covid-19 – Business As Usual

Like all businesses worldwide we are going to be facing some tough times. At Metal Image we are doing all we can, following advice as best we can and planning ways to minimize any impact caused by Covid-19.

Meanwhile, it’s business as usual.

At this point in time we are well stocked with our key products. We are however anticipating delays with goods that have shipped or are about to be shipped and will keep you informed about any disruption to supply over the coming months. The specialist nature of our process means we are reliant on supplies from Holland and the United States. We are able to use product from either source to continue with production. Fortunately, Dutch authorities have taken immediate and far reaching measures. The US response, while delayed by buffoonery, is expected to be effective. Supply of locally sourced product is secure with existing supply agreements ensuring sufficient coverage of stock on hand.

Obviously all of this is largely beyond our control but we’re going to be doing our bit in genuine Kiwi style. We’re in this together, and wish you the best of luck through the days ahead. Also, if anyone would care to indulge in a little panic buying we’re ready now.

Andrew Robbie

Managing Director