Christmas 2022

The Gratitude Edition

Gratitude means embracing reality. It means moving from counting your burdens, to counting your blessings. A broken printer and no available parts globally recently presented Team MI 17 very long weeks to reflect on our blessings as we ducked and dived to deliver continuously in the face of events beyond our control.
You, our loyal customers accepted our situation and showed a degree of flexibility we could scarcely believe, and gratitude is way too small a word. I’d especially like to thank our most excellent competitor, whose graciousness and mindfulness of our business community helped us out of a very tight corner. Now those were some tough days in the office!
Onward and upwards, 2023 beckons – what could possibly go wrong?

Get your End-of-Year order in and WIN

Orders in people – here comes the big guy in the red suit, and it’s first in best dressed for the goodies. We’ve got $50 fuel vouchers for the first ten orders and $25 for the next ten over $1000+GST that mention this newsletter.
For delivery in 2022 at standard rates get in before Wednesday 14th December. Nobody misses out, we’ll squeeze orders in right up until Tuesday 20th December but you don’t want that really – an urgent surcharge for this 2-3 day service will apply.
We’ll be closing for a well-earned break from midday 22nd December, then back to it Monday 16th January.

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The Luck of the Irish Kiwi

A huge welcome to our newest team member, Sean Pierce Brosnan, 007. Maybe it’s coincidence, maybe not, but since joining the team the number of motorcycles in the carpark has skyrocketed. With a recent past in beekeeping and the odd race under his belt, Sean brings a wealth of varied skills and experience to our print process role and is adapting to the new set of skills required on multiple fronts at a great pace.

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  • As the horror or the recent key equipment failure fades, a new digital printer is now on order (just in case).
  • We’re absolutely bouncing with excitement to welcome Dunedin City dogs to the no-plastic revolution. Woof. Even more exciting, as well as great fun to develop our no-jingle Dog Tag concept and apply it to QR coded ID tags for Kiwifruit research!

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  • Our new Lotus Fibre laser is delivering sharp, clear and deep images on Stainless Steel with the precision we’re proud to supply. Watch it in action here.
  • If you’re enjoying a cold lager this summer it’s possible it came in a keg tracked and identified permanently with one of our new Encapsulated labels. Now, this is a tough environment for any label. Learn more.

#Warm Fuzzies

  • James – Always a tough nut to crack, but for over 20 years you keep on coming back for more of us. Thank You so much, over the years your suggestions and comments have been invaluable.
  • Tam – Your enthusiasm is evident, and infectious. A pleasure from concept to delivery.
  • Lukas – Way slower than lightning, but we try.

In closing…

The first two sentences in this edition describe gratitude, one of the eight pillars of Joy. Taken from the Book of Joy by His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu (or link), the other pillars are;

Perspective, Humility, Humour and Acceptance – the Pillars of the Mind

Compassion, Forgiveness, Gratitude and Generosity – the Pillars of the Heart.