2021 Teams Special Edition

Greetings to you all. This crazy year has really dragged on, but now seems to be in a race to be over. Interesting times, and I find myself more aware of the teamwork that I see around me. Not just our team, but all around. Engaged, determined and resourceful. It’s pretty impressive stuff, and the case of Team MI it’s because of this kind of attitude that Metal Image has survived another difficult year and have even managed to thrive in a modest way. With supply chains in chaos, I think it’s never been so important to think of supplier and customer as a team. Thank You all so much for the support.

In closing this introduction to yet another thrilling edition of our humble newsletter, a summary of the year in one small picture. Roll on 2022.



For this year we have pushed the date for last orders right to the very limit. Close-off dates below are going to make it tight so it’s going to be first in best dressed.

The hard-working courier teams are going to be under ever greater pressure as the silly season approaches and we are anticipating significant delays. Who needs that stress when you really should be thinking about your holiday? Please Order Now!


Shutdown: Noon Wednesday 22nd December 2020 
Re-Opening: Wed 12th January 2021

Please have your orders for delivery this year with us
before Friday 10th December.

We will happily process orders for delivery this year until Monday 12th
but URGENT rates apply for this 2-3 day service apply.

Getting the hang of it now…

With just 34 years under his belt at Metal Image the dubious character under the spotlight for this edition has seen a few changes since starting as the first FTE in April 1988. Not a computer in sight, graphics by LetraSet, pen and camera. That’s all changed, but not Andrew’s fascination with machinery, especially anything with two wheels.

Says Andrew, “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. I’m keeping a foot in two camps, and enjoying the balance.” A visitor to Metal Image might think they’ve arrived in a retirement village for Raleigh bicycles. “My time here contributing to the growth of the company in all its facets has been a privilege for me, great team, always a challenge or two on the go and always a new direction to explore. It’s a fun place to be, and exciting”.

Outside work Andrew, proud father of two too grown-up girls, enjoys hanging at home (which is very fortunate, but not totally correct – I’d really prefer to be travelling) with wife Donna, mucking about in the garden, a bit of cooking, playing bad guitar and then there’s the 35 bikes….

Teng Tools Giveaway – A Great Success

We hope all those of you that took us up on our Teng Tool promotion are enjoying your new tool sets, and the fuel vouchers were piling out the door so another popular choice there. It was our most well received promotion ever so look out for more like this coming up.

What’s new

Dog Tags – full moon update
We’re howling along now, and there’s many a dog stepping out in style nation-wide now. Dog Tags are driving along an upgrade to our eyelet fitting equipment. A fitted eyelet takes tag durability to the next level of security and lifespan. They look super-schmick too, no changes to graphics or layout is generally required.

  • 3M Hook ‘n Loop repositionable label solutions
    This stuff is STRONG. Combine 3M UHB tape with industrial grade hook and loop fastening and you have the perfect movable ID solution for pallet racks, shelving and so much more. Available in various widths and strengths.  3M™ Hook and Loop Fasteners | 3M
  • Fibre Laser Upgrade
    After a lot of investigation and consideration of numerous options we are pleased to have placed an order for a Lotus V3 Meta C. With the latest mopa technology we’re looking forward to delivering a huge step up in image quality as well as a wider range of Non-Metal products. For a bit of bling (or ho-hum warning and safety placards) look out for Stainless Steel marked in multi-colour early next year.
  • Lost Parcels
    The difficulties a lot of you are experiencing with courier delivery are giving us plenty of opportunities to test our levels of ‘second mile’ customer service. We do everything we can to track down delayed goods, but please be patient as we are waiting in a call centre queue just like everybody else. To avoid the drama please allow an extra week or so at least – and check your stocks today.

#Warm Fuzzies

Now here’s a better way to attach your tags. Traditional Crimp & Cable do a great job, but let’s face it – it’s fiddly, quite expensive and where the hell have the swage pliers gone this time? Stainless loops are the way of the future.
• Quick and easy to attach in two handy lengths – no tools required.
• Super strong braided 304 stainless wire – link together up to any length.
• Single component – no fiddly crimps to thread or drop, no pliers to find.
• Economical – professional looking.
• Permanent or temporary – lockable to prevent removal.
• Corrosion resistant – all 304 grade stainless steel.
These loops are hard to get, so we bought up a little too large and now need to move them with a SPECIAL offer. Grab them freight free while you can…

Through Thick ‘n Thin…

So soon, the awww, that’s nice corner. Please keep the comments coming, good or bad. Either way there is always something for us to learn, and fortunately it’s mostly good. Thanks!

Jeff – A pleasure to help with your evolving designs and to deliver a better than promised result.

Aaria – Nothing we like better than welcoming a new customer to the Metal Image way of doing things. You’re way more than just another new customer.

Charlie – Nothing we could improve this month? We’ll dig deeper next month!

Christine – Some perseverance required to get the printer to ‘play the game’ but the boundaries of full colour production well and truly stretched. Result!! Aluminium signs for Brick Bay – Metal Image

All of us here at Metal Image would like to wish you all good fortune for the coming year, and hope you and your Team enjoy a brilliant Christmas and holiday season.

In things crucial – unity.

In things important – diversity.

In all things – generosity.