Newsletter 2021 – The Free Gifts through Thick ‘n Thin – What’s Next? edition

Kia Ora, welcome to the Through Thick ‘n Thin What’s Next? edition.
The seasons roll around, Matariki is right on schedule making it obvious the stars are unaffected by the small woes of our times. So, what can an individual do in the face of the seemingly unchangeable? I was recently privileged to meet one the ‘Boat People’, a refugee from Vietnam who arrived here in 1988 aged 12. After three escape attempts his family sent this boy alone toward a better future. Incredible fear, hardship and even death seemed likely several times during a four-year journey to Aotearoa. This boy is now a very successful businessman, is engaged with steering our technological direction as a country and is an ambassador for other refugees and for New Zealand that no money could buy. If such an award existed, it would be the Totally Good Bugger, life member, real keeper award. We don’t know how lucky we are.
We’ve got SPECIAL OFFERS and FREE GIFTS for July and August – if you can stand the tension read on to save yourself a few bucks.
Andrew Robbie, pleased to be Here.

This editions Star…Introducing Melanie Tucker

Coming from a background in banking in South Africa, then onto a brave new start in a new country, and a new career you’d think Melanie would know better. But almost three bat poo crazy years on it’s hard to remember how we managed without Mel on the team. A true natural in sales, there is a new level of engagement, enthusiasm, and dedication to all our customers. Edged with a sense of fun and adventure many of you will have been touched by Mel’s infectious good nature. Another keeper.

Mel has very kindly thought of some nice things to say about us in her own words:

Working here is like a dream job for me. We work together as a team, we can all voice our opinions and be heard. I’ve been comfortable here since I first joined Metal Image and was made to feel like I’m part of a family. I will be retiring here, so many, many more years of working with you all to look forward to.


The Stars Align – Free Gifts are GO…

We’ve got a FREE GIFT on any order* plus freight free for July and August when you mention this newsletter. Our Friends at Trade Zone have sorted out some awesome quality Teng Tools for our giveaway. Labels, fuel, tools, you’re set for celestial adjustment.

Spend just $750+ $20 Fuel voucher  – $1,000+ 28 piece Teng Bit set   –   $2,000+ Teng Pliers  –  $3,000+ Teng Socket set   –   $5,000+ Teng Pliers and Socket set  – $10,000+  $150  Fuel Voucher plus all the above.

*The large print giveth, and the small print taketh away. Orders must total over 750 excl. GST to qualify.

What’s Next?

Just over a year ago when things were a bit grim, we asked ourselves this very question. What is next? We chose fibre laser imaging on stainless steel for all the foodies out there. We’ve applied our principal values of Durability Delivered with Passion and Precision to this new (to us) market sector with remarkable success. A huge welcome, and much gratitude to our new customers in food processing and beyond. With capacity now a problem of sorts we’ve placed an order for a larger, faster and sharper EpiLog Laser Fusion Pro machine. The power of the pivot, what a beautiful thing.

Loop de Loop

Now here’s a better way to attach your tags. Traditional Crimp & Cable do a great job, but let’s face it – it’s fiddly, quite expensive and where the hell have the swage pliers gone this time? Stainless loops are the way of the future.
• Quick and easy to attach in two handy lengths – no tools required.
• Super strong braided 304 stainless wire – link together up to any length.
• Single component – no fiddly crimps to thread or drop, no pliers to find.
• Economical – professional looking.
• Permanent or temporary – lockable to prevent removal.
• Corrosion resistant – all 304 grade stainless steel.
These loops are hard to get, so we bought up a little too large and now need to move them with a SPECIAL offer. Grab them freight free while you can…

Through Thick ‘n Thin…

When you’re sticking our labels or tags onto different types of things have you ever thought it would be handy to have some nice thick gauge ones as well as some super thin bendy foil ones? Email us at [email protected] subject ‘Through Thick ‘n Thin’ to find out how we can tailor a solution for you. Orders placed in July receive FREE graphics and freight.

A word about Fans, and why they are so important to us.

Building fans is one of the most rewarding service team experiences ever. We all have good days and bad, and when we get on the receiving end of somebodies bad day we see the chance to turn things around. Often, it’s as simple as listening and having a wee think; do what you can, with what you have, where you are now. The easy part is usually taking action.
Our thanks go out to all our amazing customers, but specifically to these VIF’s:
Jeff N, got you smiling in the end.
Natalie R, adding new meaning to hot off the press!
Liam B, this one tested our crystal ball, lucky we keep it pretty clean.
Killer, nothing special here mate, we treat all difficult sods just as nicely.
Petra M, welcome to how we do stuff, newest customer to oldest.
Anthony B, took a few shakes but a nice solution dropped into place – job done, and under budget.