Newsletter 2021 – The Stay Cool Edition

Welcome to the Stay Cool edition of our humble newsletter.

‘Don’t look back! You’re not going that way’. There’s been times in the recent past when it’s been tempting to spend too much time looking over the shoulder. But by and large we’ve kept our focus on the future. As another financial year closes it feels like this old catch phrase has proven its worth. We’ve pivoted we’ve pushed, flexed up on our toes then gone all floppy – a kind of business based ballet starring a small but very talented troupe.

And you, as our audience, deserve the round of applause. Thank you so much for the support you’ve shown us. We’re going to share a little, see our ‘Reach Out’ competition further on.

So bring on the next act. Not too many clowns please. Now, music people, music….

Andrew Robbie, Choreographic Executive Officer.

Celebrate, Good Times, Come On!

We were going to draw names from a hat to present you with a profile of each member of the team. But Dan’s had a big year, so gets to start the ball rolling. Firstly, a new role as General Manager. Then 20 years of service to Metal Image. Wow. Dedicated, motivated and an inspiration to our team. Then finally and most recently, a shareholder in Metal Image.

In Dan’s own words;

Walking into Metal Image aged 15, I never dreamed 20 years on I would still be working here, let alone have become a shareholder. Much like this past year would feel to many, its been one hell of a ride. The journey has been made easier by the constant support from Andrew, Donna and our whole tight knit team, who have all become like family. And special thanks go to you, my valued customers, without you of course none of this would have been possible. Bring on the next 20 years, I look forward to seeing what they hold.


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Leaders of the Pack

JohnShaft 1 443x470 - Newsletter 2021 - The Stay Cool Edition


We’re proud to be a part of the move away from the nasty plastic rego tags New Zealand’s dog population have been obliged to wear, and we know our planet will love us for it. Our marketing push has been led out in style by Mr John Shaft, CIA (Corgi Intelligence Agency), with support from Nicole, our Head of Creative + Marketing. John wears the product himself, and says “this is the best damn tag ever”. John looks forward to the day when all his canine compatriots look so fly, and he appreciates the hard work his human Kiwi have done around creative and sustainable packaging, innovative production and just, well, staying cool.

metalimagedogtags02 470x403 - Newsletter 2021 - The Stay Cool Edition

Reach Out, Reach Out….

We’d like to reach out to our Brothers and Sisters in Tourism and Hospo that are doing it hard. We’ve got $200 and $100 vouchers to be spent with Kiwi Battler businesses in your hood. Build your team, fill your belly (or your trousers you thrill seeker). So long as it’s fun and shares the love. To get in the game just mention this newsletter when you spend over $1000 or $500 with us before 30 April and be in the 05 May draw to get lucky.

Big respect to some Bad Cats

Specifically, but not limited to, these few of our awesome customers and contributors have given us an opportunity to learn, grow and to be just a bit less square.

Nick R. On time, spot on, no problem. Do it every day.

Belinda S. Today? We can do that.

Rob M. Different year, same emergency, top result again. You are most welcome.

Carl W. A bit of quick leg work and disaster averted. Just in the nick of time.

Pimm B. That sounds a bit tricky, but how about we do it this way?

Tanush S. Hey, we all make mistakes! We’ll fix it, and you’ll have them tomorrow.


Take care out there on the mean streets.

Team MI.