Plant Identification Signs with Durability and Clarity

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Bush Bird & Bug botanic labels use our MetalPhoto print process to create timeless images by embedding a silver-halide photographic image below the anodic layer of the aluminium. Our labels are made to endure long-term exposure to full sun, abrasion, paint and chemicals, with TuphMount Display Stands ready for ground, wall* or tree installation.

  • Over 450 native and exotic species listed, including birds and insects, either individually or as larger Ecollections signs featuring mixed species.
  • Beautifully illustrated, use our carefully researched text or supply your own.
  • It’s a growing collection, we subsidise adding unlisted species in most cases.**
  • Five standard label sizes in Illustrated or JustText formats.
  • Matching TuphMount Display Stands with an angled faceplate for readability.
  • Secure and very easy to install.
  • Little or no maintenance required, even after decades a quick wipe removes growths, grime, paint or marker.
  • For DIY mounting YouMount labels are printed on heavier gauge metal with punched holes for attachment.
  • Mark your own labels with just a ballpoint pen. DeBoss labels and tags are a low-cost but permanent DIY solution.
  • Discounts for Schools and Forest & Bird Members.
  • Tell your story, introduce a bit of local history with an old photograph or two, or acknowledge project contributors with our larger TimeSigns product range.

* By ‘wall’ we mean any immovable object you can drill a hole in. Some on-site assembly is required.
** Some exotic, hybrid or rare species we are unable to subsidise.

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