Easy to install, light but strong welded aluminium sign displays.

Tuphmount 2 - Display Systems

TuphMount Sign Display Systems combine strength, good looks and value for money.

  • Suitable for Wall*, Leg or Post mounting, you can add print tiles to create larger signs with multi legs.
  • Matched to suit our standard print sizes the Tuphmount backer is powder coated 4mm aluminium.
  • All bevelled edges, no sharp points, pre-drilled countersunk mounting holes depending on options.
  • For greater strength add LFrame or bFrame to the TuphMount backer as optional extras.
  • TuphMounts with bFrames, legs or posts are supplied with the print factory laminated – just drill or dig the holes.
  • To obscure the fixing points wall mounted TuphMounts require simple on-site print laminating. Just follow our User Guide or our on-site laminating services are available nationwide, POA**.
  • Custom builds. Our in house fabrication team can help provide your sign display solution.
  • DIY mounting- no problem! We call this the YouMount. The same standard sizes, but printed on heavier gauge metal with punched holes ready for you to attach to anything.

* By ‘wall’ we mean any immovable object you can drill a hole in.
** Or your local signwriter could help you out.

MetalImage TuphMount 1 - Display Systems
TuphMount Leg 3 235x235 - Display Systems
TuphMount Leg
TuphMount DoubleLeg 235x235 - Display Systems
Double LegMount
TuphMount Post2 1 235x235 - Display Systems
TuphMount Post Mount
TuphMount bWall 1 235x235 - Display Systems
TuphMount YouMount 2 235x235 - Display Systems