Die Cut Labels

Foil Thin Metal Labels

Die cutting is also sometimes known as kiss cutting because both the foil thin anodised aluminium and adhesive layer is cut through, leaving the sturdy paper liner intact as a transport for the cut labels.
  • Die cut labels are suppled bundled in strips to ensure they are protected and in order.
  • Super quick and easy to apply, the foil thin (0.08mm) aluminium will mould to fit curved or irregular surfaces.
  • While the metal may be thin, the anodic layer is just as tough as our heavier metals so the printed image is resistant to UV, abrasion and most chemicals.
Once applied and cured the label cannot be removed intact – perfect for asset tracking and management labels where tamper proofing is crucial.
We have a range of standard sizes and shapes so set-up is quick and affordable. Custom shapes can be arranged in a number of ways depending on complexity and volume.

Die Cutting Standard Formes

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