Metal Shaping, Forming and Cutting

Metal Image is able to cut, shape and form metal to many shapes and sizes. If you have a metal project on the go  and need to shape the metal in any way, give us a call.

MetalImage corners 1 - Holes and Corners

Metal Label – Cut Shapes and Corners

It’s more than just helping your label look great, it’s ensuring that they will last. Sharp corners can be dangerous, can catch on all manner of objects and eventually reduce lifespan. We recommend Mitre or Radius corners to prevent snagging and to improve their already long life.

MetalImage Holesizes - Holes and Corners

Mechanical Punching

We can punch holes through most materials quickly and efficiently, and most importantly, neatly.

Profile Cutting - Water Cutting and Laser Cutting

We use laser, water or mechanical cutting technologies to deliver quality and consistency. If you have a project that requires accurate metal cutting, bring it in for our team to cut.

Metal Shaping, Metal Forming, and Metal Bending

We are able to shape and bend metal into all sorts of shapes. Whatever the size of your project, bring it in to Metal Image – chances are we can knock it into shape.