Database to labels at your place, label solutions that keep working

Sub-Surface Printed Anodised Aluminium

The ultimate long term asset identification and barcode labels

Foil thin and flexible with a range of high performance adhesives, MetalPhoto aluminium foil is perfect for diecut tamper-proof labels which are supplied in strips or gangs so it’s easy to keep them in order.

Permanently applying your label to a wide range of surfaces is quick, simple and cost effective.

Heavier gauge metal tags and labels can be punched and machined for attachment, we have all the accessories to make sure your label investment stays in place.

All our labels are available in a range of economical standard sizes. While typically printed black on silver we can add your logo in colour, or use colour for coding groups of assets.

The nuts and bolts of data transfer

All we need is your data in a spreadsheet in the order you want it printed. We would be happy to help you choose a code that will suit your application best and can help you set up a template. Before we print we will provide you with a proof copy.

Not just barcodes....

We can include any sort of variable information – all from your database. Perfect for keeping track of tools and equipment, identify assets or track parcels. Anything that needs a unique identifier, no job is too big or too small.