Other Processes

One Stop Label shopping – we’re not just Anodised Aluminium, Metal Image offers labelling solutions on a multitude of base materials from Stainless Steel to roll printed paper all with the same fast, friendly service and attention to detail.

Stainless Steel

  • Etched and backfilled stainless steel to meet the most demanding engineering specifications, with a range of fastening options.
  • Perfect for frequent wash-down applications in food processing industries.
  • A must in marine applications with 10% or greater salt water immersion.
  • Laser imaging offers the durability of Stainless without the cost of chemical etching.

Polyester, Vinyl, Polypropylene

  • A label for every application with numbering, barcodes or static information.
  • Multi-colour options on a wide range of base materials.
  • Easy conversion from existing artwork used for your metal labels.
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