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Polyester & Vinyl

Mild abrasion, low chemical and heat resistance. Perfect for the office or light commercial.

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Polyester & Vinyl Labels

With both polyester and paper labels the image is created by heat fusing 100% black resin onto the surface by Thermal Transfer. The resulting image is suitable for use in office or any lighter duty application where abrasion, chemicals or high heat is not anticipated.

MetalImage Polyesterandpaper V1 - Polyester & Vinyl
  • Resists mild abrasion and low to moderate UV.
  • Available in a range of sizes.
  • Matte, gloss or metallic finishes.
  • High performance adhesives for super stick-ability.
  • Economically underpins our Anodised Aluminium or Stainless Steel in light-duty asset tracking applications.
  • Supplied in roll form for easy application.
  • Perfect around the office and many other indoor applications

Where NOT to use Polyester or Vinyl

  • When abrasion, chemicals or high heat is anticipated.
  • If a long-term lifespan (+ 5 years) is crucial.
  • Where the target surface is rough or has been contaminated making pre-application surface preparation difficult.
  • On low surface energy (soft or waxy feeling) plastics.
  • In high UV or exterior applications.

Not for you? Sounds like an Anodised Aluminium or Stainless Steel label is just what you are looking for.

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