Covid-19 – Business As Usual

Like all businesses worldwide we are going to be facing some tough times. At Metal Image we are doing all we can, following advice as best we can and planning ways to minimize any impact caused by Covid-19. Meanwhile, it’s… read more

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays We started our first new generation newsletter with a tip of the hat to how tedious these things can be. That seemed to go down well, so once again mercifully short, maybe interesting and with any luck at… read more

Offcuts – Newsletter 2018

Greetings from the Team! We hope you will find a couple of interesting things in this, our first Offcuts in some time. In fact 10 years has slipped by since our last issue! How did that happen? I am pleased to… read more

Adios 2016

What a year! With so much going on at Metal Image it has just flown by. It’s been an interesting time of solid growth with a complete renovation of our offices, a new image processor, and we’ve been joined by… read more

Welcome Paul

We’d like to welcome our newest team member, Paul Naylor. Paul joins us in print and process area. With his cheerful attitude and a truckload of enthusiasm it’s great having Paul on board.

Renovations Complete-ish!

Complete-ish! The bulk of our renovations are done, a few finishing touches to be added but we are really pleased with our new foyer, showroom and office space. Sleek lines, bold colours and natural textures have lifted the area, coupled... read more

Upgrades All Around

New website, new offices, it’s all go and full of change here at Metal Image. With our new website launched last week we are very pleased to have an up to date, device friendly online presence. The team at Web... read more